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In order to participate in CategoLink, you need to log in to hitois. hitois is a social promotion services to appeal to individuals. When you create an account on hitois, site to appeal to you is created. The site that was created, in CategoLink, link activity registration categories and registration is saved and published.

To create an account in hitois, Google account is required. If you have a Google account already, only sign in with your Google account, and specify the domain of your choice, you can create hitois account.

In order to log in to CategoLink, you can either use to log in CategoLink site, or log in to hitois and then select the menu of CategoLink. If you do not have an account yet on hitois, if you try to log in to CategoLink, you will be redirected to the account creation page on hitois.

More information of hitois, please see below.
About hitois.